We have over 20 years’ experience delivering best practice engagement programs across the public and private sectors.

Our services include:

  • Community engagement

  • Strategic communications advice

  • Bid management and proposal writing

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Construction communications

  • Writing services

  • Land access and easement negotiations

  • Facilitation

  • Community consultation for environmental assessments

  • Issues management

  • Database management

  • Production of accessible PDFs for online communication

We tailor our approach to suit you and your project’s needs. Our experience in delivering award-winning community engagement programs and our commitment to the Core Values of IAP2 are used to shape an approach that meets your objectives, timing and budget. We proactively manage risks so that costly delays are avoided.

We take a straightforward, ‘no fuss’ approach to project delivery. Our work is methodical and thorough. We are passionate about our work and enjoy getting to know project teams and the communities we engage with.

MR Communications has close links with specialist consultants and larger environment and engineering consulting firms.

Complementary services can be engaged at short notice including workplace change management, group facilitation services for large events, multicultural engagement, translation services and consultation database training.

We are pre-qualified through the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to provide the following services under the (SCM0005) Prequalification Scheme 'Performance and Management Services':

  • Infrastructure Communication including stakeholder engagement and communication/technical writing

  • General Technical Expertise including corporate communication, strategic communication, issues management, media and public relations and event management

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